Happy New Year!

19 Jan

I’ve been away for a while.  Had a lot of STUFF happening that has kept me far too busy and is likely to continue for a while.  I missed writing and one of my (many) New Year’s resolutions is to make more time to write.  Hopefully my public announcement will inspire me to keep this resolution, or at the very least, shame me into it.

While I was away, I added some ideas to my future project file and my current project is still sitting there, judging me for not putting more words on paper.  This year I have been inspired to attempt to write a play for a friend who is working on opening a community theater.  I think it will be amazing even if my play is not.

I made a list of goals this year because I thought I should try something new instead of just flying by the seat of my pants like I usually do.  I wanted to share some of them so here goes:

This year

I want

  • to post at least once a week
  • to review a book once a month
  • be fearless when it comes to my writing and sharing it with others
  • to find balance

Wish me luck and I will be wishing you success with all of your 2011 goals and resolutions!

Happy Writing!


One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Elliet January 19, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    I intend to help you keep your resolutions!

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