1 Sep

I recently discovered WU thanks to Facebook and Writer’s Digest.  If you’re a writer or wanna be you must check it out.  Today I was looking at some of the posts from July and stumbled upon this post

Wow.  Ouch.  I found myself cringing as I read because, much as I hate to admit it, I am “that writer.”  My family has been hearing about my novel for a year without much progress.  Oh, I’ve managed to write a little bit here and there, but I have no consistency.  Realistically, ‘here and there’ isn’t getting the job done.  What to do?  Finding daily writing time in my already packed schedule is a daunting idea.  Since I’m not lucky enough to have a flexible schedule, that means something else gets bumped.  How do I choose which hobby(ies) gets shelved to make room for writing?  Not sure how I will decide, but something’s got to go!  I’m making a commitment to myself right now to figure it out and stop procrastinating.  Wish me luck!

Happy Writing,



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