28 Aug

Walking seems to be a very popular topic lately.  For several months I have been seeing articles and reading books that discuss the benefits of walking.  Some are focused on physical health, others are more interested in how walking impacts mental health.  I even found one written with writers in mind, The Writing Diet

Last week I came across a book at the library called Fitness Unleashed.  It’s basically a book for dog owners about getting fit and healthy with your pet.  I checked it out and skimmed through it when I got home.  I found some useful information, but let’s just say I’m glad I got it from the library rather than paying for it. 

A few days ago I read a post on Writer Unboxed about walking.  All this reading about walking had me thinking.  I used to walk my dog, Mia, while listening to my iPod.  I viewed those walks as exercise, which made them seem like work and, obviously, made me want to avoid them.  So, recently, I started walking Mia without my iPod.  Suddenly, I had time to pay attention to the plants growing in my neighbors’ yards and in the park where we walk.  There are apple trees in our park!  I’m sure I knew they were there since we’ve been walking that park for nearly four years, but I was surprised and delighted to become aware of them now.  I also found that our neighbors have cherry trees, pomegranate trees, and tons of beautiful flowers and I wondered how I never noticed them before. 

 Something else happened during these walks.  Characters spoke to me, sharing their stories.  I worked out some challenges in the novel I’m currently writing.  I felt more clear and creative than I had in quite some time.  And, I no longer dread walking the dog. 

I hope you find your inspiration.

Happy Writing,



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